What is the defintion

of affect? 


Verb- To make an impact on something

or to produce a change in, or influence something.....

Noun - The experience of feeling or emotion as expressed through body language....



-Use your seat- Half Halt-

-Less Inside Rein- More Inside Leg-

-Don't lose the connection on the outside-

Ride forward into the transition-More Leg

Don't pull on the reins- push him into your hands!!

Whew! Sound Familar??
Riding Horses is hard work- mentally and physically
So much to learn and remember...and every now and then your horse decides to take matters into their own hooves! We ALL hate it when that happens.....
Putting it all together sometimes can seem confusing, difficult and overwhelmimg....and often as we are learning to ride, we can become so weighed down in the details of the movement that it becomes a monumental task....
It doesn't have to be that way, things can be easier!
Everything you do either on the ground or in the saddle produces a result in your horse....BUT ....was it the result you wanted...or did something else happen that you didn't expect?
How do you properly affect your horse to get the effect you want? 
You probably already know  how important it is to use your seat and leg aids....and I bet you know how important your frame of mind is and how it can affect your ride!
Learn the basics or improve your skills in a fun and progressive riding program. With a solid foundation you can move into the discipline of your choice. With Confidence.
All it takes is someone to explain the WHYS and HOWS in easy to understand terms that you can relate to...and DO!
Lessons are tailored to accomodate both yours and your horses training and fitness level.
You can take lessons at my facility on one of our lesson horses, you can trailer in your own horse for a lesson, or I can come to you!
Group lessons of 3-5 people offered at a discounted rate.
Mini-Clinics, Ground Training and Lunging Lessons and Training Rides are also available.
Call or email today for prices and available days/times to start affecting your horse the RIGHT way!
Happy Riding!

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