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"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire."

About the Owner- Valorie Gill


I have ridden horses recreationally since I was a child, but did not start to train and ride intensively until after my four boys were grown and I was in my 30's! I started as a Western Pleasure rider but currently train and ride Western Dressage. When I am not riding or giving lessons, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, gardening, and reading.

All horses, I believe, regardless of breed, age or discipline, must be trained gymnastically in the true classical method in order to reach their full potential. Proper lateral and strength training is essential to achieve symmetry and balance in both the horse and rider. This method of training provides a solid foundation for a confident and relaxed horse/rider partnership that will be ready for any discipline that you choose! I love sharing this knowledge with others, and truly enjoy giving lessons to both the young and the mature rider!

Over the years I have trained with several outstanding Dressage Instructors including USDF Gold Medalist and "L" Judge JoAnn White, and Major Jeremy Beale, who was an Olympic reserve rider for the British Equestrian Team in 1960 and 1964, is an USDF Gold Medalist and is the author of "The Logic of Elementary Dressage".

I have had the honor of attending five - 4 day intensive training riding clinics with Anja Berans Chief Rider , Vera Munderloch from the Gut Rosenhof Riding Institute in Germany. Anja Beran is the author of several Classical Dressage books and holds clinics around the world. Please visit www.anja-beran.com for more information about Anja's Classical Dressage training and her facility. It is through these clinics that I have learned the value of slow and correct strength and lateral training to create a solid and willing partnership between horse and rider. 

I am a Professional Member of the Western Dressage Association of America, and I am the Ohio Ambassador for Cowboy Dressage. 


Recently I became certified in the Franklin Ball Method as an Equestrian Instructor. The rider must have the same strength, balance and symmetry within themselves to effectively communicate with their equine partner. Its unique approach to understanding and improving movement by engaging the full body/mind spectrum focuses on how the body is designed to function by using dymanic imagery. The Franklin method has three fundamental pillars - Bone Rhythms, Dynamic Neuro/Cognitive Imagery, and Pedagogy.  You can absolutely change your riding by changing your mind!! I am excited to share and incorporate this Method into my teaching. 

In addition to Riding and Instructing, I am proud to serve as the Equine Director for Hope Meadows Foundation. I am a Certified ES with EAGALA and trained as a Trauma Informed ES with Natural Lifemanship. Hope Meadows is dedicated to transforming lives with better mental health through hands on, experiential, and equine assisted psychotherapy and learning techniques: mind, body and spirit. Please visit www.hopemeadowsoh.org for additional information.